Learning is the core purpose of any school. The taxonomy shown left has been worked on by staff, pupils and parents at Trinity. At the centre is the Trinitarian symbol indicating that we are a God-centred community. We reject the ‘child-centred’ theories of education and seek a more profoundly theological model for our work.

Around the symbol of the Trinity are the behaviours of Bloom’s taxonomy of learning. We deliberately chose a circle rather than a pyramid to indicate these because we believe that we revisit each element regularly whatever ‘stage’ of learning we are engaged in.

Finally, the Five Rs are the five ‘superpowers’ of learning. These underpin the ability to learn effectively.

More information on learning at Trinity may be found on the school’s main website. Articles and links will be posted on this site from time to time when they have a theological slant.

In 2011 the theologian Maggi Dawn spoke to the staff at Trinity. She compared the shape of a lesson to the shape of the Eucharist:

Gathering – the children arrive and are welcomed

Collect – sets out the theme of the lesson and the learning outcomes

Word – the content of the learning

Eucharistic Prayer – actual learning, activity

Communion – Plenary, consolidation of learning

Blessing and Dismissal – setting of homework, farewell at the door

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