Daily Readings

The two-year cycle of readings available at Company of Voices – resources  was designed for use with the daily Mass readings and with those provides three readings a day which seems a good amount of Scripture. At Trinity we use the Gospel of the Day at Lauds, the First Reading of the Mass at Vespers and pray the Office of Readings privately. The Church of England has a four reading Daily Office lectionary; used with the Daily Eucharistic Lectionary this is rather a lot of words in a day – certainly a busy working day. The Church of England also publishes an Alternative Office Lectionary which provides readings for places where people attend the weekday liturgies irregularly, it is especially useful in cathedrals for example, however, these readings duplicate readings found elsewhere in the Sunday lectionary.

In the Resources bank linked to this blog there is also a non-Scriptural reading for each day in the lectionary prepared for Pluscarden Abbey by Fr Stephen Holmes and available here. The RSV text of the Scripture readings may also be found on that site.

The Pluscarden Lectionary is available as a Lulu printed book. Still available second-hand is a set of 6 volumes published in the early 1970’s: Christian Readings prints the Scripture texts for the two-year lectionary and non-Scriptural readings for the whole cycle, the New American Bible text is used and the readings are from every part of Christian history – not just the Patristic. The Augustinian Press published  A Word in Season which includes Scripture references and complete non-Scriptural readings. This series also includes responsories for use after each reading and was largely used as the basis for the Pluscarden lectionary but with more recent writers excluded.

The one year lectionary for the Office of Readings provided in the printed version of the liturgical books has an interesting origin as a (hurriedly) filleted version of the two year cycle. More information about how this happened is available here. I would very much recommend the two year cycle over the one as providing  richer diet of Scripture. The Patristic readings in the Pluscarden and Word in Season cycles act much more as commentaries on the Scriptural text. At least one monastic community (Conception Archabbey in the USA) uses the two cycles in a three year rotation.

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