Trinity Head Master: final letter to families



Dear Trinity families,

This is my last letter to you as Head Master at Trinity after 7 years in post. The school has been re-built and re-named. A Primary school has been opened. We are oversubscribed many times over. We are fully staffed with subject specialists in every classroom. Of course, there is much still to be done and, like every institution, we do some things well and in other areas there is much room for improvement.
Above all I am grateful to you as families for being so loyal and supportive to the school. Your children are very precious to you and to us; when parents and schools work together children flourish.
I am also grateful for the incredible work that my colleagues put into the school, far above and beyond any contractual obligations. Teaching is a very complex and difficult task, we are blessed to have so many strong teachers on the staff.
I especially want to record my gratitude to Mrs Tomlinson-Cole, she has been a joy to work with. Her commitment and dedication to the pupils is phenomenal. She is moving to New Woodlands in September and this is an excellent appointment for some of the most vulnerable children in Lewisham. I know that she will work miracles there, as she has here.
Other staff leaving at the end of this academic year:
Trinity Secondary
Mr Goodenough, Head of PE
Mr Higgins Head of Spanish and Year 11
Miss Paquet, Head of French
Ms Robinson, Maths
Ms Kilgariff, Maths
Ms Somers, Art teacher
Ms Pembroke, PE teacher and Head of Year 7
Ms Ahmed, Computer Science
Mr Lawrence, Second in Charge of English
Ms Rose, English
Trinity Primary
Ms Spalding
Every one of these colleagues has given sacrificially of themselves for the children; I am grateful, as you are, for their work. Although it may seem unfair to single out one colleague I am going to mention Ms Pembroke who has been at the school for longer than any of the others. She has especially given of herself on residential trips. I have happy memories of tramping across Devon, France and Norfolk with her, and even drying my socks (and those of ten pupils) in her parents’ sitting room. She is everything a teacher should be and has been a wonderful person to work with.
I also want to thank the new leadership team at Trinity Primary for a remarkable year, Mr Janes, Mr Wills and Ms Kyriakides have done so much to create a brilliant school. We are very fortunate to have them here.
Mr Thomas will write to you at the beginning of the new school year with the names of new staff. It is a statement of the high regard in which the school is held that we have appointed to every post.
I am thrilled that Mr Thomas will be taking over as Interim Head, he is a very experienced Head Teacher and has strong experience as an interim Head. I have no doubt that he will lead the school effectively and provide the excellence that I know you as parents expect and every child deserves.
It has been an enormous privilege and a great joy to serve as Head Master. I am grateful to the Board of Governors and particularly to Ms Prentice for the enormous number of hours they put into the school. I have loved living and working in Lewisham and a part of my soul will always be Lewisham shaped, I will keep Trinity and your families in my prayers. Please pray for me as I begin the next stage of my life.
With love and prayers,
Fr Richard

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