Leaving Lewisham: an invitation

Do please join me as I mark the end of my ministry in Lewisham.

At St Mary, Lewisham for the parish Mass on Sunday 17th July, at which I will preside and preach.

At Trinity
for a farewell Mass of Our Lady of Lewisham

at 3:30pm on Tuesday 19th July
in Trinity Hall at Trinity Secondary on Taunton Rd.

The Rt Rev’d. Christopher Chessun,
Bishop of Southwark, presiding

The Rev’d. Canon Brendan Clover,
Senior Provost of Woodard Schools, preaching

All priests are invited to concelebrate (alb and white/Marian stole).

There will be a reception afterwards.
If you would like to attend please let my PA Erika Drzinska know:

Former pupils are especially welcome.

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  1. I’ve been a long time reader of your blog, and I’ve especially enjoyed your posts and copious resources related to the Divine Office. They’ve been a huge help and inspiration in my ministry. I wish you every blessing as you begin a new chapter in your own ministry, and I do hope that you will continue to blog, either here or elsewhere.

    • Many thanks indeed.
      My current thought is to start a new blog, refresh the Office material etc. I would dearly love to build up a day by day set of resources on the daily Mass lectionary. But we shall see!
      I appreciate the encouragement.
      Blessings. R

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