25 May: Office Hymns for Saint Bede the Venerable

Office Hymns for Lauds/Matins and Vespers/Evensong

PDF: Bede

By Brother Aelred Seton-Shanley Obl.OSB Cam.



Christ was his King, no other lord

Did Bede aspire to serve.

No other love could claim the heart

He gave without reserve.


From boyhood onward his delight

Was in the scriptures found,

Or singing praise to him who hung

Upon the Rood, thorn-crowned.


Like Easter night, Bede’s quiet cell

Saw Christ arising there;

And when Ascension dawned at last

The Son shone bright and fair.


To Christ the King of glory sing,

And God the Father praise,

Whose Spirit dwells in peaceful hearts

And guides them in his ways.




Bede, priest and servant of the Lord,

Rejoiced in singing in God’s sight;

In writing, teaching, learning, all,

He found his pleasure and delight.


To aid his brothers in their prayer

He noted what the Scriptures say.

Delighting, he drank deeply there,

In hopes he’d gain the Source one day.


Though faithful to his cloistered life

He found whole worlds within his cell:

His hist’ry of the English Church

Endures and still is not excelled.


The Gospel of Saint John he loved,

And rendered in his mother tongue;

At last, its final word complete,

He died as Christ had: “It is done.”


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